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NWTD Services

How NWTD Helps Equip and Empower Nonprofit Leaders and Their Organizations

We focus on three core competencies to help nonprofit leaders and organizations become more effective and efficient as they strive to fulfill their goals.


Nonprofit Leadership Development

Developing people, and improving leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities to increase leadership impact.


Leveraging Various Leadership Models and Theories:

Servant Leadership, Steward Leadership, Transformational Leadership

Situational Leadership and Biblical Interpretation

Team Leadership and Team Building Principles

Formal Mentoring and Professional Growth Programs

Effective Leadership Traits, Characteristics and Practices

Nonprofit Organizational Development

Developing effective and efficient programs and processes to support organizational growth.  


Leveraging Outcome Based Management Philosophies:

Goal Setting, Milestones & Measuring Performance

ROI for Non-Profits, Efficiency Models and Desired Outcomes

Job Descriptions, SMART Goals and Performance Evaluations

Managing Change, New Hire Onboarding and Best Practices

Training Programs and Job Qualification Standards of Performance

Non-Profit Fund Development

Developing relationally based and donor centric funding strategies to increase organizational impact while focusing on Governance processes, promoting transparency and stewardship.  


Development Planning and Fundraising

Ministry / Theology of Development Charters

Board of Directors and Volunteer Training

Major Gift and Capital Campaign Strategies

Collaborative Peer Groups

NWTD has created peer groups called Compass Groups . These groups are designed to leverage the power of relationships. They provide an interactive framework for experiencing the effectiveness of peer-to-peer, collaborative problem solving and group learning opportunities.

Interested in being a part of the Compass Groups?