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Collaborative Peer Groups

Leverage the Power of Relationships

NWTD Calls Them Compass Groups

Designed to leverage the power of human relationships, they provide an interactive framework for experiencing the effectiveness of peer-to-peer, collaborative problem solving and group learning opportunities.

Challenge Yourself

Designed specially to provide each member of the group an opportunity to challenge their closely held leadership and management paradigms, we purposefully explore the knowledge and experiences of other individuals who are themselves in similar roles and positions.

Critical leadership and management “issues” are discussed by the group with the intent of providing multiple options for resolving these issues. This peer group focused problem-solving format provides leaders with multiple options for resolving their most challenging issues.


Topical Experts

In addition to peer-to-peer processing and problem solving we also engage in ongoing dialog focused on increasing the leadership and management abilities of our members. We provide guest speakers with expertise in various fields to help provide context on critical leadership and management concepts and best practices.

Topics Include (but aren't limited to) ...

  • Leading Through a Crisis

  • Delegation of Empowerment

  • Performance Improvement

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Structure

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies

We use a customized approach to forming Compass Groups to leverage the effectiveness of peer-to-peer processing. Therefore, we can offer a wide variety of peer group options, such as:

  • CEO / Executive Level Peer Groups
  • Key or Senior Leaders (C-Suite) Peer Groups
  • Emerging Leaders Peer Groups
  • Non-Profit Executive Director & Board Leadership Peer Groups

Topics Specifically for Non-Profits

  • Basics of Fundraising

  • Major Donor Strategies

  • Community Engagement

  • Grants and Planned Giving

  • Online Giving Strategies

  • Board Development

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